2018 How Do I Make Money Blogging?

2018 How Do I Make Money Blogging?

Tips On Starting and Making Money From Your Blog

2018 How To Make Easy Money Blogging

So you've decided to join the vast majority of those who are making a substantial amount of income from blogging. Well by visiting this blog post you've already taken a gigantic first step in the right direction.
It's a step that can lead to creating an endless income stream for you and your family for years and years to come.  Personally, I've been blogging for around 5 years now. It started of as a extra source of income. Blogging has sense become my main source of income. 
Don't get me wrong, I certainly didn't start of making money from blogging overnight, "oh no, no said the cat!" It took some time, "blood, sweat, even tears". Let me stop it wasn't that bad, but it did take time, dedication, and work.
I've made quite a lot of mistakes a long the way, and it's been times the frustration cut to deep and I felt like giving up. I always kept going back to it, "I guess in some twisted way I enjoyed the torture." Lol there I go again,  but for real though. I really begun to enjoy blogging it something cathartic about it. I began to enjoy sharing my thoughts,  experience's, research,  interest, and knowledge, with others. You might not make money overnight in fact it can months or even years, before you see any real profit from blogging. Still it's worth sticking in the end.

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How To Pick A Profitable Niche?

This is the most crucial first step of Blogging:

You can't expect to run a successful blog that earns you money without first coming up with and executing a plan. The main intricate part of your plan should be choosing the right niche. There are literally thousands of niche out there to choose from. Some broad and huge while others are small and virtually unknown. Some niche are a whole lot easier to make money in than others. 

This is why good research is important

A very good place to start your research on choosing a good niche is Google. Note: Choose Niche built around your interest

For example I really enjoy the freedom of being my own boss, making money online,  and helping others, do the same. So I choose niche centered around my interest Making Money Online. This gives me the opportunity to share my mistakes, experience's, wisdom, knowledge, and resources, with others.

I'm not a Guru and by far I'm not expert in the Making Money Online Field, but it's 

something that I have a lot of interest in and have become quite successful at and enjoy sharing my thoughts and knowledge with others. No matter what what your expert level is in your chosen interest. Others may not have as much knowledge as you have there leaving the doors open for you to teach what you do know to others.
How to choose a niche built around your interest?

You can start off by simply going to Google and typing in your interest. Lets say my interest is selling online,  than I would do a Google search on online selling platforms to find different platforms I can sell products from. I would also do some research on Drop Shippers if I was planning on selling products that I didn't actually own.

Shopify offers a very good selling platform for beginners that want to sell online. They offer a 14 Day Trial, plus Drop Shipping Plugins to some great product resources.
Choosing Affiliate Marketing Products and Networks in your niche

If selling actual products isn't your thing than maybe Affiliate Marketing is more suitable for you. Affiliate Marketing Networks such as Clickbank, Maxbounty, and Commission Junction, offer tons of products in any niche imaginable.


*Health and Fitness


*Weight Loss/Dieting





*Employment/ Finance
Those are just to name a few. All Affiliate Marketing Networks are free to join and promote products. Clickbank and Maxbounty are the two that most newbies start with to make money online.

Keyword Research is another intricate key part of creating a blog. If your blog doesn't rank in search engine's no matter good your content is or how beautiful your blog is nobody is going to find it.
Warning! Keyword research can be hell. It took me a while to learn and I'm still no expert at it. So I wouldn't try to teach it to someone, but I can give you a few tips and point you in the right direction of getting started. 

SEMRush offers a great research tool for newbies you can research profitable keywords and find out the competition for those keywords as well as other key factors to insist in the SEO of your Blog. SEMRush also offers a Free 14 Day Trial 
Upon Sign Up.

You want to start your first 5 articles with low competition keywords. Most refer to this as low hanging fruit keywords. This are keywords with at least 100 monthly searches and a competition of 30 or less. These keywords are easier to rank in Google.
Building organic traffic is the number one strategy in getting the right audience to your blog.

Social Media Sites Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, are other ways of finding profitable niche ideas to explore.  It gives you the ability to see first hand what people are interested in and spending their money on.

Choosing the right Blog Platform when people ask me what's the best platform for beginners to start a blog? I always say Wordpress it's just by far one of the best when in comes to creating a money making niche blog. Wordpress offers great designs and layouts for your blog as well and tons of great Plugins to help you grow your blog.
When it comes to the best Hosting Service my person choice would be Hostgator or BlueHost, both are great cheap, easy to use hosting platforms. Hostgator also offers cheap domains,  but if you're looking for one even cheaper check out namecheap.com.

Creating Great Content
So now that we've gotten through the easy part now let's dive into something a little bit harder. Coming up with awesome content for your blog. Keyword research may bring an audience to your blog, but you have to create good attention grabbing content that makes them want to stay and even possibly share your content on their blog or social media.

Make money blogging

Make Sure Your Post Are

*Extremely well formatted with images that look good.
*Are detailed, in-depth, and Entertaining.
*Offers Tons of Value gives your readers something of value in your post. Readers that take away something are more inclined to return for more.
*Offer links to other post that expand on your post and relevant topic.

Building Up Your Audience
When I first started blogging I did it consistently. I'm talking about on a day to day basis. You don't necessarily have to do it everyday,  but best practices are to at least blog every 3 days. 
Before long people started to find me through Google,  Facebook,  and a few other channels. That's how I continue to grow my traffic and audience till this day.
Once you have a huge group of fans following you and interested in what you have to say, you can sell them just about anything.
Wrapping up: Lately I've been including a little wrapping up section it gives me a little chance to gather my closing thoughts and include whatever I've missed or neglected to mention. 
Blogging is a perfect source for single moms who are looking for work from home,  as well as retirees, elderly, disabled,  and practically anyone looking to earn extra income from home. We've covered quite a lot of information now let's go over some of the few key points. 
*Niche Interest Related

*Keywords for SEO

*Blogging Platforms

*Domains (Keyword Related, Cathy, and Rememberable.

*Good Content (I can't stress this one enough) Good content is essential.
Enclosing these are the main components to starting a successful blog.
I hope you've found my blog post 2018 How Do I Make Money Blogging? interesting and informative. If you've gained any value from my post 2018 How Do I Make Money Blogging? please like and share. Also please feel free to leave any comments or questions in the comments section. I will try my best to respond and answer all questions and comments.


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